College Courses Offered at SCS

Students who meet prerequisites may earn high school and college credit simultaneously by taking dual enrollment courses on Sarasota Christian’s campus the through the State College of Florida (SCF) or Southeastern University (SEU).  We currently offer 40 college credit hours for students.

Dual Enrollment Course Offerings include:

  • SCF-Written Communication I
  • SCF-Written Communication II
  • SCF-World Literature I
  • SCF-World Literature II
  • SCF-Criminal Evidence and Procedures
  • SEU-College Algebra
  • SEU-Intro to Probability & Statistics
  • SEU-United States Government
  • SEU-Life Science
  • SEU-Foundations of Business
  • SEU-Microsoft Word I
  • SEU Bible – New Testament Survey
  • SEU Bible – Survey of Christian Theology