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Which College Is Right For Me?

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Undergrad Zone: Complete these questions for review in choosing the right school.
Federal Financial Aid
: Put in college name and review one school’s characteristics against another school’s.
College View
: Choose lots of different characteristics that you are interested your college and university having and this site narrows your search and gives contact options for college.
College Search
: This web site is like a college matchmaker with the ability to connect your stated preferences to suggest then colleges that may be your best fit.
My College Matches: provides this extensive guide for students as you explore match results and use additional criteria to search for other colleges best suited for you. 

Mennonite Higher Education

Sarasota Christian School is one of 39 Mennonite School institutions in the United States. We value the difference Anabaptist-Mennonite education can make in the formation of student lives. There are many higher education options available for our graduates.  The educational emphases and opportunities available through the six Mennonite colleges and three institutions offering graduate degrees are an excellent option for SCS graduates.  Currently 31% of our faculty and staff have undergraduate and/or graduate degrees from Mennonite colleges and universities. Ask us why Mennonite colleges and universities are an excellent choice!

See a joint letter from the presidents of Mennonite colleges and universities detailing their commitment in leading spiritual growth of students by cultivating a Christian worldview, intellectual growth and leadership training, a supportive, lifelong community an affordable education.

Why consider Mennonite higher education?
What makes Mennonite higher education desirable?
What majors are available at Mennonite colleges and universities?
What are the Mennonite higher education institution choices?

Why should one consider Christian colleges and universities?

State of Florida Run Higher Education Choices

Many Sarasota Christian School graduates have benefited from and enjoyed higher education choices in the State of Florida.  Here is a list of the 11 Institutions that make up the State University System of Florida.

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Tallahassee - 850.599.3796

Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton - 561.297.7300

Florida Gulf Coast University
Ft. Myers - 800.590.3428

Florida International University
Miami - 305.348.2000

Florida State University
Tallahassee - 850.644.2525

New College of Florida
Sarasota - 941.487.5000

University of Central Florida
Orlando - 407.823.2000

University of Florida
Gainesville - 352.392.3261

University of North Florida
Jacksonville - 904.620.1000

University of South Florida
Tampa - 813.974.2011

University of West Florida
Pensacola - 850.474.3000