iPad Lab First in Sarasota County

Sarasota Christian School strives to be a leading 21st century school.  One of the ways it has done this is by becoming the first school in Sarasota to have a portable iPad lab accessible to its entire student body (as reported by Apple).  In addition, the school provided iPads for all faculty and staff.  While some local schools have provided iPads to only certain head administrators, gifted students, or select classes or grades, the SCS lab is utilized in K through 12th grade classrooms, and by faculty and staff at all school levels and in all roles.

One of the reasons SCS implemented the equal-accessibility iPad lab is because we believe all students deserve and can benefit from enhanced and up-to-date instruction.  School employees received iPads because SCS values the importance of faculty and staff learning and sharing together.

The addition of the iPads has opened the door to exciting new methods of teaching, learning, and working on campus.  Staff use their iPads to improve efficiency in day-to-day operations.  Teachers of all grades and subjects are utilizing new applications, called “apps,” to teach courses in innovative ways.   Teachers agree that students are engaged and excited about learning, and that they learn information better and easier when they are able to read it, hear it, and see it, as they can with the iPads.  The lab has been an excellent addition to SCS’s already strong curriculum, and helps define SCS as a leading 21st century school.